Our History

From establishing in 1999 to overwhelming the world


Icelandic Group establishes sales/marketing offices in 1999 in Japan and in China in 2005. it evolves from Icelandic Group then only selling from Iceland to these markets. Icelandic Group dates its story back to 1942 then named Icelandic Freezing Plants Corporation or in Icelandic “Sölumiðstöð Hraðfrystihúsana”. At the time, it was owned by its members and its objective was to sell their products on the basis of mutual undertakings concerning product delivery and sales. Icelandic Asia still works as mean for Icelandic fish to reach the demanding markets of Asia with its vast sales connections. It is well placed with suppliers in Iceland on one side and the demanding markets of Asia on the other.

Icelandic Asia is made up of three separate business units it has sales and marketing offices in Japan (Icelandic Japan) and China (Icelandic China) and Head office in Iceland (Icelandic Asia) in charge of supplying the two office´s sales offices.

The corporation was reformed as a limited liability company in 1996 and later listed on the Iceland Stock Exchange. In 2008, it was de-listed. The mutual obligation concerning delivery and sales was eventually discontinued and arm’s length business with producers introduced in its place.

The Icelandic Asia unit was part of Icelandic Group which consisted of operation around the globe. It was sold in the end of 2015 to Brim a fishing company in Iceland which operates 4 freezing vessels in Iceland.

Fish was Iceland’s most important export throughout the last century, and it remains so today. Processing at first consisted in curing and salting, but towards the middle of the century freezing was introduced and was to become a widespread alternative to the earlier processing methods as an excellent way of getting raw materials in the freshest possible state to distant markets. We are a very proud to be the part of value chain that makes Icelandic fish world known for its quality and great taste.